PS5: Stocks are back this week!

good deal news PS5: Stocks are back this week! Published on 03/28/2022 at 17:35 Since its release, we all know that the PlayStation 5 is still and always stocky, and gamers are biting their fingers. We regularly have waves of restocking that don’t last long. That is why, as always, we offer you a summary … Read more

Grizzlies corrects warriors

In a game that had several notable absentees (Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green on one side, Ja Morant and Garen Jackson Jr. on the other), Memphis didn’t miss a chance to nearly finish second in the Western Conference. By getting rid of her stalker, the Golden State Corporation. We first believed in the possibility … Read more

PS4: Games to watch in April 2021

game news PS4: Games to watch in April 2021 Posted on 04/02/2021 at 13:45 April will present players with many different productions on PlayStation 4 starting with the fantastic return of the platform game icon. Sony’s eighth generation console will also host the highly anticipated shooter game, an enhanced version of a cult game, a … Read more

The best PS4 games to buy this month

What are the best PS4 games to buy? PlayStation 4 has a huge catalog of titles. We have made a selection of games for you at the moment, and there you will find both recent releases and games that have developed a surprising interest thanks to the news. Follow the guide! It takes two: Collaboration … Read more

Canadian Basketball Elite League | Montrealer Kemy Ossé is the first player in the alliance

Kimi Osei’s smile said it all on Wednesday morning when he was introduced to the media as the first player in the Montreal Alliance. “I am happy!” Montrealer called out to Journalism. Posted on March 23 Catherine Harvey Benard Journalism The announcement was made within the walls of Verdun Hall, the headquarters of the Alliance. … Read more

Basketball: JDA Dijon, strong from start to finish, takes revenge on Malaga

In the Basketball Champions League, JDA Dijon took revenge on Malaga. On the grounds of Dijon Sports Palace on Tuesday, November 16, she won after a controlled match (78-68). Against Chalons Reims last Friday, JDA Dijon substituted himself after three poor quarters to reverse direction in the final 10 minutes of play. This scenario imposed … Read more

PS4 Games Sales: Best Deals at Low Prices

good deal news PS4 Games Sales: Best Deals at Low Prices Posted on 09/07/2021 at 18:46 Summer Sale is the time to supplement your collection with titles that have seen their prices drop. We’ve handpicked some of the current best deals on PS4 games. Summer Sale: Best deals on PS4 games During this period when … Read more

PS4: 8 Indie Adventure Games You Might Have Missed

game news PS4: 8 Indie Adventure Games You Might Have Missed Posted on 08/14/2021 at 10:30 As in other platforms, PlayStation 4 has its share of adventure games, where the exploration of large spaces mingles with some battles, confrontations, and sometimes small puzzles. Independent developers were quick to grab these codes, firmly rooted in video … Read more