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Léa Franceries, Morgane Osyssek, Mathilde Wahl, Célia Serber, Coline Devillard, Aline Friess, Louane Versaveau, Carolann Héduit, Lorette Charpy and Ambre Frotté have been training in Ajaccio this week. picture d Every Sunday evening, find the gym fil’, a summary of the week’s news in France and abroad. It was this week Olympic and Paralympic Week. … Read more

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The sedentary lifestyle He was causing a lot of damage in our troubled times. The remote work has come to complete the task. Stress, lower back pain, musculoskeletal disorders, increased risk of cardiovascular accidents, anxiety and depressive states … loss of mobility From Epidemic Exacerbation of symptoms of general malaise. According to a study by … Read more

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The demand for residential training places has increased significantly over the past year. Well-being and fitness have been valued at home since the pandemic, so it’s a new way of looking at modern life. Good space planning is the key to enjoying and improving it in the long term. Posted on March 22 Isabel Moren … Read more