Pancho Gonzalez’s return, OGC Nice’s win over OM… Philip Campes remembers the 1954 Coupe France final

The picture has been discontinued since May 23, 1954. Pancho Gonzalez no longer touches the ground. He has fire in his eyes, his right leg is raised, and his foot is raised toward the sky. The ball is somewhere between the keel and infinity. Sixty-seven years and eleven months later, Columbus Stadium is still holding … Read more

Global competitive environment of high quality gym equipment market and higher growth rate with forecast to 2028

2022 Global High Quality Sports Equipment Market It describes a detailed assessment and professional survey of the current and future state of the worldwide High Quality Gym Equipment market, including valuable facts and figures. This report provides information regarding emerging market opportunities, market drivers, and upcoming trends and technologies that will contribute to these growth … Read more

125 years of gymnastics for Concorde

“We were afraid of losing organs, especially teenage girls, with these two years of a health crisis, but in the end, the number held steady” President Bernadette Schmitz rejoices. The club offers many disciplines: women’s artistic gymnastics, tumbling, contemporary and modern dance, fitness and well-being classes in the gym or even children’s gymnasium and psychological … Read more

This huge market demand that the fitness industry failed to understand

Do fitness trainers tend to rush to “sell” quick results to people who want to train and get physically active? ©Lipson/Getty Images North America/AFP Sports for all Fitness professionals tend to be teaching increasingly challenging moves or techniques, which aren’t always appropriate for people who want to train or perform a session in the gym. … Read more

The gym on all fronts – genius and player feedback (Bordeaux 0-1 Nice) – football

Against Nantes next Saturday in the French Cup final, Nice also remains in the race for Europe through the tournament after beating Bordeaux (1-0) on Sunday to mark the 35th day of the French Ligue 1. Delort brings 3 valuable points to Nice. Nice spoiled for choice at the end of the season! In addition … Read more

Hot derby in basketball, glamorous mo in the gym or half of the Grand Paris Sud… It was your sports weekend in Ile-de-France

New sports weekend except for soccer. “Le Parisien” invites you to analyze and decipher the results of the main clubs in Ile-de-France. Derby Weekend: When Metropolitan Style is on the Wire Nanterre Basketball. The Hauts-de-Seine derby has delivered on all its promises. The Metropolitans are still at the top of the tournament, and they manage … Read more

10 Best TV Sports Teachers

Armed with their trusty whistle and shorts, gym teachers stand on TV on the front lines of physical education. Although they don’t usually get the same kind of critical acclaim as head coaches like Ted Lasso (Ted Lassoand Eric TaylorFriday night lights), the gym teachers, and the actors who play them are a proven source … Read more

Top street fitness and gym equipment market vendors and forecast assessment 2022-2030 | PlayCore, Kompan, PlayPower

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