The maritime border between Lebanon and Israel is at the center of new tensions

The arrival of a floating unit to the disputed maritime area with Israel on Sunday to start gas production for the Jewish state angered Lebanese authorities, while indirect negotiations between the two countries over the conflict’s borders have stalled. decoding. The row between Lebanon and Israel over the demarcation of the maritime border has been … Read more

Prime Minister Boris Johnson saves office by winning confidence of Conservative Party MPs

How long will it last? British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a no-confidence vote on Monday night sparked by his Conservative Party’s rebellion after the “Party Gateway” scandal. Two and a half years after his triumphant victory at the polls, the disputed 57-year-old leader is still embroiled in the “Party Gate” affair, the very drunken … Read more

Mexico’s President Refuses to Participate in the Summit of the Americas

President Obrador decided to boycott the Joe Biden diplomatic summit after excluding Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The “top of the americasBy Joe Biden, which is supposed to usher in a new era in US relations with Latin America, which opened on Monday, is already experiencing many bumps as the Mexican president refuses to participate in … Read more

Fierce street fighting in Sievierodonetsk, Washington finds it “credible” that Moscow is stealing Ukrainian wheat 30 Status on the map Zoom Context Hosted live by Alexandre Priam Cover photo: A firefighter tries to put out a fire following the Russian bombing of a warehouse in Donetsk, eastern Ukraine. Alexander Ermoshenko/Reuters Contributions for this live tracking are activated between 9am and 9pm Paris time. Ukrainian forces “clinging” in SievierodonetskBut … Read more

Boris Johnson survived a vote of no-confidence by his Conservative Party

Boris Johnson’s political future was shown on Monday in Westminster. The British Prime Minister submitted a vote of no confidence in his majority. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson won a no-confidence vote on Monday night sparked by his Conservative Party’s rebellion after the “Party Gateway” scandal. Two and a half years after winning the election, … Read more

2 separate shootings leave 6 dead in Pennsylvania and Tennessee

Posted in: 06/05/2022 – 13:52the average : 06/05/2022 – 21:16 At least six people were killed and 25 injured in two separate shootings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, police said Sunday. At least six people were killed overnight from Saturday to Sunday, June 5 in the United States during new shootings, adding to a … Read more

Between Moldova and Ukraine, Transnistria in dangerous fog

Reading time: 6 minutes In Tiraspol (Transnistria). Moldovan soldiers carrying the first checkpoint. Car acceleration. The Moldavians let her pass. The second barrier is held by the Russians. More numerous and better armed. But, again, the car passes without slowing down. At the Transnistrian border, at the checkpoint manned by Transnistrian soldiers, everything stops. Armed … Read more

Drought in Iraqi Kurdistan reveals an ancient city in Mesopotamia

archeology Partially excavated in 2018, the remains of Zakhiko date back to the middle of the second millennium BC. Global warming is putting pressure on Iraq’s water reserves, exposing previously inaccessible archaeological sites. For once, the remains of ancient Mesopotamia appeared from the depths of a lake, and not from the depths of a barren … Read more

Local cultures to save Africa

Women on a trailer full of cassava brains, in Ilorin, Nigeria, in 2017. Stefan Heunes / Agence France-Presse Cassava, sorghum, millet, fonio… In wartime in Ukraine and soaring food prices on world markets, should Africa rely more on its local crops to try to avoid the worst? Since the beginning of the conflict, on February … Read more