Palestinians demand justice for Shireen Abu Akleh

Story – On the occasion of the Nakba Day, the demonstrators demanded to shed light on the journalist’s murder. Ramallah There are Palestinians of all generations on the streets of Ramallah. Children on their fathers shoulders carrying flags twice their size, old men, young men, T-shirts with the inscription “1948”, keffiyeh on their heads, banners … Read more

Did the Israeli settlers take advantage of Shirin Abu Oqla’s funeral to “settlement in a Palestinian building” in Hebron?

A question asked by Fred, Peter and “PB” on May 13, 14 and 15. You ask us about viral videos that show a group of men, women and children taking over a building in Hebron, a city in the West Bank that is partly occupied by Israel. These photos were published in various publications on … Read more

Researchers said that sleeping 7 hours a night is ideal for brain health

Sleep plays an important role in stimulating cognitive functions and maintaining good mental health. It also helps maintain brain health by eliminating waste. As we age, we often notice changes in our sleep patterns. Including difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. As well as decreasing the quantity and quality of sleep. These sleep disturbances are … Read more

The creepy profile of Payton Gendron, Buffalo shooter

Police arrested Payton Gendron after the Buffalo supermarket shooting on Saturday. Since then, her disturbing image has surfaced, with President Joe Biden calling the drama “domestic terrorism.” On his weapon, a racial slur and a number, 14, used by white supremacists as an emblem. Payton Gendron, just 18, committed one of the worst shootings in … Read more

Toulouse: Stations of the Cross for Ukrainian refugees looking for work without planning for the future

primary After being welcomed in Toulouse, Ukrainian refugees face the difficult experience of finding a job despite the language barrier. without projection into the future. Yelyzaveta Sharii-Yakubvska, 36 years old, from Poltava, 60 km southwest of Kharkiv. On March 12, two weeks after the start of the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine, she arrived in … Read more

Sweden and Finland’s candidacy for NATO membership is a “fatal mistake,” according to Russia

12:15 pm: McDonald leaves Russia for good Mc Donald’s has announced that it has begun selling its assets in Russia, including 850 restaurants employing 62,000 people, according to the Associated Press. This content has been blocked because you did not accept cookies. click ” OK “cookies will be stored and you will be able to … Read more

Does drought get us in trouble?

The war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, the ongoing global inflation and now the drought. In the great receipt bingo, bread is one of those necessities—remember the French are biologically made up of 90% water and crumbs—and they’ve recently gone up in price. After several particularly dry months, “Winter crops, such as wheat or barley, … Read more

Finland at the gates of NATO, the Russian army continues to bombard the east

Find here all our live #UKRAINE 10:59 : Applications for NATO membership from Sweden and Finland are not “No escalation” but one ‘Defensive action’announces to Franceinfo Camille Grande, Deputy Secretary-General of the Alliance. “In any case, it is a direct consequence of Vladimir Putin’s actions.”he thinks, “Because they consider that the security situation in Europe … Read more