a map. Drought: “alert”, “alert”, “crisis” .. What is the level of severity in your district?

primary No section survived the drought. In order to compensate for the lack of water and precipitation, four levels of danger have been established by the state, including water restriction measures. The whole of France is now affected by the drought. The heat wave that is hitting the whole of France this week is also … Read more

Boudreau and Proulx champions at Drummondville Golf Club

golf. Golf Québec presented this bantam, urine and mosquito tournament 1Verse and August 2 at Drummondville Golf Club. Charlotte Boudreaux and Charles Edmund Proulx won the Bantam Division titles. On the girls’ front, Montreal’s Island Club Charlotte Boudreaux finished the tournament with a cumulative +15 (159 shots) at the conclusion of both rounds. The fight … Read more

Muirfield finds the light thanks to… women

Muirfield, banned from women’s membership just five years ago, hosted the Women’s British Open this week for the first time in its history. A decision to put the legendary Scottish track back in the saddle at the Open Championship course. Lionel Villa It hosted sixteen British Open Championships between 1892 and 2013, Muirfield had become … Read more

The alliance will return in 2023

Having enjoyed box office success, the Alliance has taken its place on the Montreal sports scene in its first season and we can already say, without fear of error, that the club will return in 2023 within the Canadian Elite Basketball League (LECB). “It’s 100% confirmed: We’ll be back next year and already working on … Read more

Eric Beul points out that golf greens are always watered

Emphasis – in anti-drought decisions, the restriction allows watering of green spaces (vegetables) golf. Grenoble Mayor Eric Buell denounced an appropriate measure aimed at “protecting the rich and the powerful”. But is golf only for the rich? Are golf course managers and practitioners too careless about the environment? No, according to industry professionals who see … Read more

Understand the superiority of American athletes in basketball

The observation of success, and even the dominance of some countries in certain sports disciplines, continues to generate controversy on a planetary scale. In order to explain the factors behind this dominance, arguments linking athletic success to physiological predisposition, talent, nationality, and even climatic conditions, to name a few, will emerge over time and attract … Read more