Women in the midst of war in Ukraine – DOSSIER

Ukraine – On February 24, the Russian war began in Ukraine. For three months, the country has been living to the rhythm of fighting, the advance or withdrawal of Russian troops. At least 15,000 men were said to have died on the Ukrainian side. 8 million Ukrainians were internally displaced, with the exception of 6.4 … Read more

Trans women trying to flee Ukraine face a hellish journey

Ukraine – “If your passport is male, they will not allow you to travel abroad, they will not allow you to pass.” Zi Faámelu is a 31-year-old trans woman from Kyiv. If she finally manages to escape her country, she first encounters what she calls “a war within a war”: transphobia in the midst of … Read more

In Europe, women heads of government are still very much a minority

Regardless of Emmanuel Macron’s choice: France will continue, for at least five years, to be led by a man. The country has never before brought a woman to the top of power, unlike many of its European neighbours. The British were the first: they voted for Margaret Thatcher in May 1979, followed by the Portuguese, … Read more

The threat of abortion in the United States reminds us that it is a fragile right, even in France

Abortion – A draft Supreme Court decision, which threatens the right to abortion in the United States, has caused an earthquake. Its potential consequences for women’s rights are worrying around the world. This event reminds us that even in France, basic rights gained after a hard struggle, such as the right to abortion in 1975 … Read more

This NGO helps Ukrainian refugees get abortions in Poland

Ukraine – While the right to abortion is threatened in the United States, the topic is also present in Poland, an anti-abortion country where many Ukrainian women, victims of trafficking, violence and rape, have been refugees since the beginning of their war with Russia. NGOs and activists, such as Women On Web, are trying to … Read more