David Otto (Pau Lac Orthes): “There is a misunderstanding”

In Bao, the climate is foggy these days. French basketball monument in danger. The National League of (LNB) announced by the financial “policeman”, the senior management board, on Thursday, June 23, the “rejection of commitment” Alain Bernier due to a large unbalanced financial situation and the absence of economic guarantees. for the next season. The … Read more

Asfel, miraculously, wins the third consecutive title for the French champion

next. The decisive fifth match in the 2021-2022 season final between Asvel and Monaco kept its massive promises. The two starring masters presented a meeting on Saturday night, their stakes amplified by actions of a colossal degree, which came to fuel the insanity scenario. Who, after seven minutes of play, would have suspected that Asvel, … Read more

Christian Koloko, a young Cameroonian who wants to make a name for himself

Posted in: 06/23/2022 – 11:17 After three seasons at the famed University of Arizona, Cameroonian hub Christian Jr. Koloko has become the African hopeful of the top pick during the 2022 NBA (Draft) recruitment session, which will take place at night from June 22-23 in Brooklyn. A player with an extraordinary career, the Douala native … Read more

golf. US Open: Are Zlatoris and Matt Fitzpatrick in the lead before the last lap. sports

Under windy conditions on a Brooklyn (Mass.) track that’s always difficult to tame – as John Ram and Scotty Scheffler lamented – Will Zlatoris and Matt Fitzpatrick topped the 122nd US Open for history, having played the third round on Saturday. The captains involved, in search of a first title on the PGA circuit, weren’t … Read more

“We don’t have 36 solutions”: On this golf course, we keep watering despite the heat wave.

Unfortunately we don’t have 36 solutions… The director of the La Wantzenau golf course, near Strasbourg, admits frankly: it is impossible to do without watering to take care of his manicured green trees, and the arrival of a heat wave does not change much. The course spans an area of ​​72 hectares, not all of … Read more

The International Basketball Federation and the Olympic Organizing Committee are still deadlocked for basketball in 2024

The General Assembly of the International Summer Olympic Sports Federations (ASOIF), which has been held since Wednesday morning in Lausanne, has sparked skirmishes between the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and the Organizing Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympics. In question: The unresolved problem of where the first basketball week during the Olympics will take place. … Read more

Headlines, Marketing Operations, Tournament Project…How the NBA Weaves Its Network International

While a new game is expected in Paris in January 2023, the NBA continues to increase its international presence. Thanks to its attractiveness, it has been able to export to all continents while retaining its historical identity. In Uncle Sam’s country, it was the athletes of the ancient continent who dominated and attracted all the … Read more

Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown want to write their own history with Boston

The Boston Celtics of Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown prepare to play the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors of Steve Curry (game one Thursday night through Friday). At stake, presenting the historic eighteenth coronation of the Massachusetts franchise. “They said we can’t play together…” Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown are still laughing about … Read more

fell par excellence | GIS Strasbourg

On Monday, May 30, the decisive match for the selection took place between SIG Strasbourg and Monaco in the context of the 2022 Qualifiers Quarter-finals. To Strasbourg with a victory over Rhenus after extending Dantesque. So it took lovely and that’s 3The tenth Match and again an unbreathable stretch to finally give birth to such … Read more

Boston is approaching the finals after the success of the fifth game

For once, they arrived on time. But Miami Heat fans left the FTX arena long before the end of Game Five, leaving their team mired in a cathedral-like atmosphere of funeral mass on Wednesday night (93-80). The Boston Celtics, the evening’s enforcers, also wore their black uniforms. With this win, they dominated the Eastern Conference … Read more