Volkswagen Golf (1991). The third generation is 30 years old

The third generation Volkswagen Golf was launched in 1991. The agreement thus celebrates its 30th anniversary in this year 2021, allowing the first copies to be registered as collectors’ vehicles. Golf 3 was a lifesaving turning point in the model’s career, after the first change of generation which turned out to be very conservative. Although … Read more

Volkswagen T-Roc (2022) test drive. Hair Restyling Benefits

The Volkswagen T-Roc has become so familiar on the automotive scene, little known in 2017 when it was launched. It must be said that 1 has passed 1 million copies, including 71,000 copies on the French market. If it found its audience to the point of being the second best-selling Volkswagen in France after the … Read more

DSG box. The life of the Volkswagen dual-clutch transmission is 20 years

In France in 2021, more than one in two new passenger cars will be equipped with an automatic gearbox. A trend that we owe in large part to Volkswagen Group, in the origin of the democratization of dual-clutch technology with its DSG box. Celebrating his twentiesAnd the birthday, argus Looking back at its operation and … Read more