Mexico’s President Refuses to Participate in the Summit of the Americas

President Obrador decided to boycott the Joe Biden diplomatic summit after excluding Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. The “top of the americasBy Joe Biden, which is supposed to usher in a new era in US relations with Latin America, which opened on Monday, is already experiencing many bumps as the Mexican president refuses to participate in … Read more

Biden calls for a ‘ban’ on the sale of assault rifles to individuals

Realizing the difficulty of adopting such a measure in Congress, the US President proposed raising the minimum legal age for obtaining such weapons from 18 to 21 years. Joe Biden on Thursday (June 2) called on the US Congress to find a way to restrict the sale of assault rifles and criticize him, nearly ten … Read more

Joe Biden absorbs the pain of a city in stricken Ovaldi

An 18-year-old opened fire at an elementary school in Texas on Tuesday, May 24, killing 19 children and two teachers. “Do something!‘: Joe Biden absorbed the pain of Ovaldi, a Texas town traumatized by a school shooting, on Sunday, May 29, but he can’t promise much in terms of gun regulation. Read alsoThe Texas massacre: … Read more

Joe Biden is on his way to Uvald to find the families of the victims

In Ovaldi, Texas, 19 students and two teachers were killed last Tuesday by an 18-year-old boy. Joe Biden arrived in Ovaldi, Texas, on Sunday, five days after the elementary school shooting, to express his sympathy for loved ones lost in the shooting that shocked America and reignited the gun debate. Read alsoHow the NRA is … Read more

In Taiwan, “the greater the military capacity of China, the greater the risk of invasion”

On Monday, Joe Biden angered Beijing by asserting, during a trip to Japan, that he would defend Taiwan in the event of an invasion by China, raising fears of an imminent attack. But, despite appearances, attacking the island would be a very complicated challenge for the Chinese army. In May 2021, The Economist presented Taiwan … Read more

“The US-South Korea Alliance Goes Beyond the North Korean Threat”

Posted in: 05/20/2022 – 19:38 Joe Biden arrived on his “Air Force One” on Friday, May 20, in South Korea. This is his first tour in Asia as President of the United States. Confronting China, Joe Biden intends to assert American ambitions in the region. But the shadow of the North Korean nuclear test hangs … Read more

Westerners want to record their long-term military support

Posted in: 29/04/2022 – 17:50 Two months into the war, Western sanctions were not enough to deter Russia. As Moscow continues its offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine, Kyiv’s allies are now opting for long-term military support, betting on the delivery of heavy weapons. Will the war of nerves overcome Vladimir Putin’s determination? The Western … Read more

The war in Ukraine, a playing card for the Ethiopian government and the rebels

The war in Ukraine finds a particular resonance in Ethiopia, where the bloody conflict between the government and the Tigray rebels continues, far from the media’s radars. While the force provides covert support to Moscow, the Tigrayans are pushing the comparison with Kyiv, hoping to unite the support of the international community. Ethiopia is in … Read more

The United States and its allies are gathering around Ukraine

Posted in: 19/04/2022 – 05:27Modified : 19/04/2022 – 08:59 On Tuesday, Joe Biden will participate, with “allies and partners” of the United States, in a virtual meeting on Ukraine, when the Russian offensive in the east of the country began. Follow the latest developments of this day hour by hour. 8:52 am: Macron’s meeting with … Read more

For the first time, Joe Biden accuses Vladimir Putin of ‘genocide’

The President took the qualifications of his Ukrainian counterpart. Meanwhile, Emmanuel Macron said he was “not sure that stepping up the words would be beneficial”. US President Joe Biden for the first time accused his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday of leadership.”GenocideIn Ukraine, a word previously used by Ukrainian … Read more