The maritime border between Lebanon and Israel is at the center of new tensions

The arrival of a floating unit to the disputed maritime area with Israel on Sunday to start gas production for the Jewish state angered Lebanese authorities, while indirect negotiations between the two countries over the conflict’s borders have stalled. decoding. The row between Lebanon and Israel over the demarcation of the maritime border has been … Read more

The founder of the Free Japanese Red Army after 20 years in prison

France Press agency , Posted on Saturday May 28, 2022 at 05:51 Fusaku Shigenobu, founder of the Japanese Red Army (JRA), a movement that sowed terror in the 1970s and 1980s in the name of the Palestinian cause, was released on Saturday after serving a 20-year prison sentence in Japan. Now 76 years old, she … Read more

Captagon movement exceeded $5 billion in 2021

A report to be issued on Tuesday stressed that the Syrian government is suffocating with international sanctions.”This drug smuggling is used as a means of political and economic survival.” Captagon smuggling in the Middle East reached $5 billion (€4.5 billion) in 2021, reflecting a massive increase in a large-scale illegal trade that poses a growing … Read more