“What good is good crafting if you end up being punished for good crafting?”

In his latest podcast, Draymond Green It took about forty minutes to break up several journalists, before ending with a more interesting point. After the Warriors qualified for the NBA Finals, there was so much criticism that given their massive salaries, which would cost them the biggest luxury tax bill in history, they somehow bought … Read more

“And after six months they told me I don’t know how to play basketball anymore? Adam Silver is the biggest hypocrite of them all”

Boston traded it in Houston in February and then the Rockets cut it one step at a time, Anis Al Horreya Canter He is still without a club at the moment and considers himself a pariah within the league due to his commitments against human rights abuses in China or Turkey. “Let me give you … Read more

Advanced Statistics: Lexicon

condition identification Player Proficiency Rating (PER) Statistics invented by John HollingerESPN Which makes it possible to standardize each player’s production compared to others and according to their playing time, thanks to an overall average that is always fixed at 15. This statistic (although subject to some criticism), is today the reference in the Atlantic for … Read more