American basketball player Britney Greiner was sentenced to 9 years in prison, which is an “unacceptable” sentence for Joe Biden

The basketball star was arrested with a vaporizer containing cannabis liquid. On Thursday, a Russian court sentenced American basketball star Britney Grenier to nine years in prison for drug smuggling, a severe punishment described as “unacceptableWritten by Joe Biden, paving the way for a possible prisoner exchange between Moscow and Washington. The double Olympic champion … Read more

The captain and goals in the Euro, Embiid, “Bulk Displacement” … Fournier facts

As usual without the language of wood, the Blues’ top scorer is assessing in front of the press at the start of the rally, in Nanterre. State of mind at the beginning of the assembly in blue : “I’m glad to be here, it’s been a while since my season ended so it’s good to … Read more

Four months after the midterm elections, American sports are preparing for the political comeback of Donald Trump

deviation Cautiously in the media since his defeat to Joe Biden in 2020, Donald Trump intends to return to politics. American sports concerns have been turned upside down by the Republican Party once again. midterm elections (mid-term) on November 8, when 435 seats in the House of Representatives and 35 out of 100 seats in … Read more

3×3 basketball successfully celebrates urban culture in Reims

The 11th edition of the French Open 3×3 Basketball Tournament was held this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, in front of Porte de Mars in Reims. Credit: Julien Bacot/FFBB a report – The 11th edition of the 3×3 Basketball Open de France was held this weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, in front of the Porte … Read more

US star Britney Grenier, who is being held in Russia for drug smuggling, has pleaded guilty

If you don’tDo not intend to violate Russian lawThe NBA player pleaded guilty to drug smuggling during her trial in Russia. American basketball player Britney Grenier, who has been prosecuted and detained in Russia, pleaded guilty Thursday to drug trafficking charges in a case Washington is closely following amid rising tensions with Moscow. “I would … Read more

The (extended) list of the Blues for Euro 2022

Vincent Colette selected a group of 17 players for the EuroBasket, September 1-18, 2022. And die cast. Almost … A little over two months before the European Championships but three weeks before the rally on July 29, in Insip, Vincent Colette revealed this Thursday the list of players called up for the 2022 European Basketball … Read more

Once Upon a Green Utah

a report In a Wild West setting worthy of the John Ford movies, the town of St. George, northeast of Las Vegas, hides the treasures of golf. Saint George’s Special Envoy The road from Las Vegas to St. George sets the tone. They meander among the colossal, jagged rock formations, and their colors range from … Read more

The Saudi League to win the first round of the PGA Tour

The inaugural Saudi Leaf Golf Championship concluded on Saturday and generated a lot of talk. The curtain fell on Saturday in north London in the first round of the giant battle between renegade league LIV Golf, funded by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the sacred PGA Tour, the supreme body of the North American … Read more

Headlines, Marketing Operations, Tournament Project…How the NBA Weaves Its Network International

While a new game is expected in Paris in January 2023, the NBA continues to increase its international presence. Thanks to its attractiveness, it has been able to export to all continents while retaining its historical identity. In Uncle Sam’s country, it was the athletes of the ancient continent who dominated and attracted all the … Read more

Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown want to write their own history with Boston

The Boston Celtics of Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown prepare to play the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors of Steve Curry (game one Thursday night through Friday). At stake, presenting the historic eighteenth coronation of the Massachusetts franchise. “They said we can’t play together…” Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown are still laughing about … Read more