God of War, Horizon Forbidden West…a big scam for collector’s editions without a physical game

For several years, AAA games have been like God of WarAnd the Forbidden horizon west where Resident Evil: The Village Take advantage of collector’s editions that do not include any physical game. A look back in a new direction is less than satisfying. The fun of opening the huge chest in the colors of a … Read more

Laptop or desktop computer?

Given the progress made in laptops, we can now reasonably ask ourselves whether the traditional hard-computer format could not be equivalent to, if not replaced by the latter … Needless to say, everything depends on the model, however, we I will return to the main advantages and disadvantages of these two types of machines, in … Read more

A flood of promotions on gaming consoles during the summer sale

June was a busy month with video game ads. Whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch consoles, no manufacturer has been abandoned. If this surge of new titles has prompted you to buy a new game console, you’ve come to the right place. With the summer sale, it is possible to find a console at … Read more

The 5 reasons why it is a complete failure

Immortal Diablo Available on mobile and PC. We show you why it’s a fiasco in 5 reasons. From her first announcement in November 2018 during BlizzCon 2018, Immortal Diablo It sparked a wave of anger among the players. Blizzard revealed that the title will be co-developed by NetEase, the Chinese video game giant, which specializes … Read more

Busy summer for players

The unwritten rule in the video game industry is that summer is considered out of season for major video game releases. Many developers prepare for the fall and spend the summer polishing their greatest successes. Except for Nintendo and Sony. Neither company is willing to let players rest and promise to make this summer exceptional. … Read more